About Me

Hi There, my name is Jasper van Schie and I want to welcome you to my website: Gadget Inspector. Like many people I love gadgets. I don’t always buy them and I don’t always need them but it’s just cool to see what nifty inventions people have come up with and in what product that resulted.

When it’s time to buy a gift for someone’s birthday I always look for a suitable gadget first and when I fail to find something, only then I will look further for the usual dull and simple gifts. I never forget the look on my dad’s face when I bought him a tie with piano pattern and flashing lights for his 60th birthday. My gift was the star of the evening and every new guest that arrived was complementing him on his new acquired tie.

Fun vs Useful

I have seen a lot of gadgets throughout the years, some were just eye-candy e.g. lava lamp, star projection, plasma ball, etc but  I also discovered gadgets that were actually quite useful and almost triggered me to buy right away e.g. flexible bottle opener, magnetic pick-up, cell phone magnifier, etc. So gadets don’t have to be silly quirky little things; they can be very helpful in and around the house.

The most gadgets I bought were just fun gadgets. I’m a sucker for everything that emits bright colorful lights so I have a bought a fair amount of those. The coolest gadget I have ever bought was the laser star projector. If you turned that thing on and lay down on your bed it was like entering into another dimension. It projected green laser lights on the ceiling and also had a blue nebula. You notice I talk about my laser projector in past tense, that’s because my two year old son broke it… 🙁

Why I Created This Website

This website is for those who search for the best gadget gifts that are also affordable . I hope my website will be the go-to website to buy great gadget gifts.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jasper van Schie
The Gadget Inspector

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